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A luxury for your body, soul, mind & spirit

You desire …

  • Relaxation and revitalization for your body, soul, mind & spirit?
  • An ambient of wellbeing in your own living rooms or en your work place? Vitality rooms, in which you can relax, harmonize and get new vitality energies?
  • To live autarky in your own living rooms / house until a old age - secure, comfortable and confident?

I can help you with …

  • Massages for tense musculature to relax & for wellbeing and with information about healthy living.
  • With the ayurvedic way of Feng Shui, also known as 'Yoga for living rooms' to receive more energy for your aims and to harmonice the energy of your living rooms.
  • A design which respects your physical and emotional needs and helps you, to live autarkic and self-determind in your own home.

My professional background:

  • Masseuse and balneotherapist (titled), Massageschule Bad Endbach, Germany
  • Formation in the authentic Feng Shui of India, Veden Akademie, Germany
  • Engineer graduaded (FH) in the Faculty of Interior Design, FH Düsseldorf, Germany


Living within nature and the cosmic harmony – the [ayur-] vedic way of architecture

The holistic vedic architecture* conveys a way of constructing within the natural and cosmic harmony. It is closely connected with Ayurveda, the philosophy of a long and healthy life and Jyotish - the vedic astrology. It is also known as 'Yoga for the living room' cause it's related with Yoga. The roots of this knowledge - Ayurveda, Yoga, Jyotish and the vedic architecture 'Sthapatya-Veda' found in the Veda.

The vedic architecture shows us, in which way we can use the energies of the sun and the earth´s magnetic field on our house and property for our personal wellbeing. We receive nourishing and healing energies from the north and vitalizing energies form the sun in the eastern direction. The two of these energies come form the northeast via the northwest / southeast to the southwest and form the bioenergetic field of the property and the building. This bioenergetic field will also be influenced by the oscillations of the planets and our solar system.

The above mentioned bioenergetic field reaches it´s highest level in the northeast of the room (building or property), as the positive energies of north and east will eclipse at this point.

By using the directions of the compass according to their specific qualities in the house or on the property, it is possible to achieve a positive potential in every direction for the inhabitants. Therefore we have to consider in how far the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and aether) can be combined with the qualities of the planets, which are each connected with a direction.

Expansions in the building as well as missing sections lead to an imbalance of the energy flow – especially in consideration of the female and male energy-axis in a building. Regarding the proportions of the rooms, the free centre in the building, the location of the entrances and the toilettes as well as water and gaps on the property, a harmonic energy field plays an important role.  

The best possible way would be planning a new building according to the laws of nature of the vedic architecture. By that, we can avoid possible negative consequences caused by unfavourable placed toilettes, water in the wrong parts of the house and things like that from the start. It is even more advisable to take the knowledge of the vedic architecture in consideration, if you plan a renovation or annexe of the house, opening or closing parts of the building or simply remodelling the garden.  

We can determine all advantages and disadvantages of existing buildings. Long lasting blockades - e.g. problems with getting (new) projects started – or reoccurring problems of interpersonal relations, which are reflected in your living space, just as health and economic tendencies.


Compass for the 8 cardinal directions

The man reflects itself with his body and chakras in the house. With the compass, the eight cardinal points of a building are determined.

Copyright Photocollage: Andrea Frink-Milius

According to the vedic astrology, it is possible to give you a detailed analysis of the interaction between the living space and the personal fate of it´s inhabitants. We can draw a conclusion from:

—The health of the people living in the building, the physical and emotional wellbeing

—Aspects concerning personal and professional relationships

—Personal qualities according to the 8 directions of the compass

—Qualities referring to your personal timing, meaning calculation of a convenient moment of moving in a house or apartment, etc.

We can work out correction proposals based on my analysis, in order to reduce negative aspects of the building and reinforce the positive energy flow.

My aim is an improvement of the wellbeing and health, as well as luck and success for the inhabitants.

In addition to the architectural drawing and the written analysis, we can establish your “personal direction” (for the inhabitants of a building and for the employees in the industrial sector.) Your own personal direction shows us, which direction (of the 8

directions of the compass) improves health and personal success or which one rather reinforces negative aspects such as arguments, hostility, etc.

The most important rooms to arrange according to harmonize them with your personal direction are the rooms, in which we sleep and work. Your own personal direction is the one, which corresponds to the direction of a star and in this way to the influence under which we stood during our birth. On the other hand, we can deduce other personal qualities form all the other directions.

The determination of your own personal direction is an additional service and has to be commissioned and paid extra.

*Vedic Architecture:

Vedic Architecture means a healthy way of building and interior decorating on a spiritual and material level. The initiate word Vastu / Vaastu is a Sanskrit term and means room or building and diverts from the terms protection and blossom.

We would like to attach a certain importance to the fact that, whenever we used terms like “inhabitants”, “people” or “customer”, we want to address both man and women equally.

Legal information:

According to legal rights, we have to inform you that all statements and advices concerning my analysis and consultation based on the old Indian philosophy of construction Vastu or Vasati und the old Indian astrology Jyotish.

From the academic science ´s point of view there is no valid proof for the existence or non-existence of the above mentioned phenomena, statements and effects of correction proposals, such as those mentioned in my analyses and / or other texts concerning the [ayur-] vedic philosophy of architecture.

The statements and / or correction proposals concerning the health and emotional interaction between your living space and your physical, emotional and mental health will not replace a medical or psychological treatment, in the way it will be practised by a medical doctor or non-medical practitioner or physiotherapist.     

Every customer takes the responsibility by her- or himself for her or his emotional, mental and physical state, during and after my consultation and analysis and all correction proposals that go along with it, as well as interior design and / or architectural planning.

Translation Sabrina Gombert  |  © Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Andrea Frink; El Ejido, 2014